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Cipto Junaedy Community

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Cipto Junaedy Community

Mr. Cipto Junaedy is Practitioner, Author Scholastic Mega Bestseller, Award Recipient MAN OF THE YEAR 2011 Forum reporter from Central Java, Cipto Junaedy  every 42 days GIVING FREE HOME to those in need, has spoken at more than 800 thousand people, Group Finance Director of PRS - PRS Limited, Cipto Junaedy was awarded by MURI wORLD RECORD (MURI has the world record) as PIONEER OF STRATEGY Buying Property Without Much Debt; Graduates of the Interior with 2 predicate, Cipto Junaedy Cumlaude and graduates Example; Indonesian men who broke CONCEPT OF GLOBAL DEBT Robert Kiyosaki and Dolf De Roos-Based Debt. Seminar cipto Junaedy also very popular in Indonesia, to know the biography cipto Junaedy, Cipto junaedy strategy, let's join in the

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